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ASHA was selected, as one of ten civil society organisations, to be the focus of Kerryn Krige’s master’s thesis. The commonalities in the dimensions of leadership, governance, funding and general characteristics make for interesting reading. DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT

ASHA Trust was awarded accreditation as an approved training provider at the March 2014 sitting of the Quality Assurance Committee of the Education and Training Sector Authority – ETDP SETA. This extract from the letter of confirmation is most encouraging:

“By pursuing and achieving accreditation, African Self Help Trust t/a ASHA Trust has demonstrated that it has met the required standards for quality and is committed to pursuing excellence in the training environment. Having obtained accreditation denotes that your organisation has undergone a rigorous review process and further demonstrated to ETDP SETA evaluators that its services are of the highest quality, measurable, and accountable.”

In future, successful participants on ASHA training courses will receive a nationally recognized certificate of competence.


ASHA Trust is a Level 3 B-BBEE Contributor, to download our certificate please click here.

“Economically speaking, early childhood programs are a good investment, with inflation-adjusted annual rates of return on the funds dedicated to these programs estimated to reach 10 percent or higher. Very few alternative investments can promise that kind of return. Notably, a portion of these economic returns accrues to the children themselves and their families, but studies show that the rest of society enjoys the majority of the benefits, reflecting the many contributions that skilled and productive workers make to the economy.”

Chairman Ben S. Bernanke – At the Children’s Defense Fund National Conference, Cincinnati, Ohio – July 24, 2012


ASHA works in the poorest of communities. Our ability to do so is the result of the generosity of local and international donors.

Our Donors


ASHA Trust is certified by EmpowerDex as a 3rd party facilitator of enterprise development through our ECD projects.